My little sister is a massage therapist in a really nice salon in my area. She wears my jewelry almost every single day to work, and has even managed to sell some to her coworkers, all of whom end up with mucho compliments everytime they wear it (yay!). My sister had asked a few months ago about the possibility of displaying my jewelry for sale at the salon, because of others interest in my work, but the owner declined due to an existing arrangement with another jewelry designer.

Well, my sister just called to tell me that the aforementioned jewelry designer came in yesterday and picked up all of her stock from the salon, so the assistant manager asked her about selling my stuff there!!! Yay!!

So tonight I have to figure out which pieces I like best, tag them for display (with pricing), and give them to my sis to show to the owner. And make some new pieces as well =)

I'm so excited! This is such a great opportunity. I really hope the owner likes my stuff enough to want to display my work in her salon!

(Oh, and the picture is just my SPT from flickr for this week. I really love it so I posted it here too.)

(AND - Don't forget to check out my blog giveaway for May!! Check out May's archives to find the post!!)


Memorial Day - Giveaway!

So, as most of you know, I have two shops on Etsy. My main shop is LolitaRose, where I sell my handmade jewelry/accessory items, and my second shop thetraci, was originally intended to become a destash shop for beads and supplies I no longer use/need/want. Recently though, I've become obsessed with taking pictures and editing them using various photo editing software (like the Picnik website...wonderful!!), and with the plethora of images I've been creating, I decided it was time to try my hand at selling my digital art pieces.

I'm starting out slow, offering some small ACEO's to begin with. I'll be adding 5x7 photographs to my shop soon, followed by square prints, and then who knows? The world of Etsy shall be my oyster (whatever that means...).

So, on to the giveaway!

To promote my new shop, I'll be giving away an ACEO of the photograph pictured above. How do you win it? Simply follow these instructions, and I'll choose a winner on Tuesday, June 2nd!
-If you don't already follow my blog, Follow it!
-Then leave a comment about your favorite time of day, and why it is your favorite time of the day. Maybe it's because you can sleep in, spend time with loved ones, cozy up and read a book...whatever your bliss is, tell me!
-Or, alternatively, leave me a convo in my new shop: http://thetraci.etsy.com


Enjoy =)