Actually, I have GREAT taste in music.

Last night, after going on pseudo date with my bff, we went back to the bar (shocking), where they had a DJ going. Nothing too fancy, just a soundsystem guy. He took requests. Seriously, not a single song I wanted to listen to was on his playlist of over eight thousand songs. No Eurythmics (which uhm duh. uhhhmazing), no MSI, no Coconut Records, no HORSE the band, no Against Me, no 3OH!3, no Polar Bear Club. It seems I no longer listen to "mainstream" music. I'm pretty proud of this actually. I got out of the music scene for quite awhile (my ex sucked. We had nothing in common. How did I almost marry that tool?), but now with my current beau and the wonderfulness that is Sirius sattellite radio, I'm way ahead of the curve. Which is sweet. When DJ's actually have in their possession songs I want to hear, instead of "I kissed a girl" (which, by the by, makes me want to murder kittens more than Rihanna, and I didn't know that was even possible).

But at any rate, before heading to the bar and learning that my musical tastes are la fantastique, B (my bff, not my beau) went to the movies avec moi to see "I Love You, Man." Amazing movie. Hilarious. I probably thought it was funnier than it actually was...but Paul Rudd is dreamy and wonderful anyway. I love him.

And even prior to that incident, I made myself a nose hoop. After months of being unable to find a small enough one to look good, it finally dawned on me to make my own. I'm proud. My mom hates it, which only serves to make me enjoy it even more. Thus the picture at the beginning of the post.




I'm one of those people who rarely has a chance to watch the sunrise. I'm not what you'd call a "morning person" by any stretch of the word... it takes a small army to wake my butt up in the morning and get me moving (or my mother ringing my doorbell thirty seven times. But she's an army unto herself. So it's not a totally moot point). On those rare occasions when I do have an opportunity to see the sun come up, I'm usually on my way to work, too busy paying attention to the road to watch the sun start to peek out over the trees. Or I've pulled an all nighter, and I'm more interested in finally hitting the sack than watching the sun shine through my blinds. Needless to say, I'm more of a "watch the sunset" kind of gal.

Last summer though, my family and I journeyed through the wilds of British Columbia (well, it was wilder than anywhere I'd ever been anyway), traveling through the mountains to the coast. And there, I witnessed some of the most stunning sunrises I'd ever seen. The sun cutting through the morning fogs and mists was the closest I've ever come to witnessing real magic.

This morning I went through some older pictures saved on my computer, and ran across several snapshots off the docks where we were camped out. And of course, since I've recently become obsessed with Picnik and every other photo editing and manipulating site out there, I decided to play around with one of them. I'm tempted to get this one printed and hang it on one of my walls.

Happy Tuesday


Monday, Monday

Mondays are widely acknowledged as the worst day of the week. The weekend is officially over, and it's business as usual.

Needless to say, I was rudely awoken from my peaceful slumber by the sound of my alarm this morning. Ugh, Monday already. But I got out of bed (or actually, up off my couch), and braced myself for the day. The drive to work, the ritualistic stop at Tim Hortons, the sitting quietly at my desk all day... oh what a chore.

But I did manage to create a new banner for my shop today. Bright and colorful and perky!

And tonight I have my bowling league, which always turns out to be a good time. Followed by some Wii bowling/rockband at my favorite local watering hole, Mondays usually end on a high note. As long as I can pull myself out of bed for Tuesday morning...



Finally, after yesterday's chilly rainstorm, today is sunny and gorgeous! I suppose it would be more gorgeous if the temperature was warmer and there were leaves on the trees, but it's still a swell start. I can't wait to get home and take more product photos and create more fun stuff!

Yesterday I didn't accomplish much. I hung out with my boyfriend for awhile, going to my cousin's to eat some birthday cake, and then going to a friend's house to play Heroscape. Heroscape, by the way, is the most fantastic board game thing ever. You build up armies and then try to kill off the other people's armies. Completely addicting.

I'll be posting a secret giveaway on my blog soon, so keep tuned in!


Less than a year ago...

My life went on a bit of a downward spiral. A tangent, if you will, of unabashed and copious debauchery. While I highly enjoy that word (debauchery), it's basically the opposite of the way I'd like to live my life.

A little partying with friends on the weekends is one thing...week long coke benders and daily hangovers is a different situation entirely. Even my family doesn't really know the extent of everything I went through last summer. There were even a couple of months when I went totally AWOL (to use military speak...): quitting my job and living off my savings until I ran out of money to party with.

It took making my mother cry to pull me out of that hole.

It's been a long road trying to fix the muck I've dealt myself. And trying to rebuild and re-establish relationships I've broken.

Lord, beer me strength.