Actually, I have GREAT taste in music.

Last night, after going on pseudo date with my bff, we went back to the bar (shocking), where they had a DJ going. Nothing too fancy, just a soundsystem guy. He took requests. Seriously, not a single song I wanted to listen to was on his playlist of over eight thousand songs. No Eurythmics (which uhm duh. uhhhmazing), no MSI, no Coconut Records, no HORSE the band, no Against Me, no 3OH!3, no Polar Bear Club. It seems I no longer listen to "mainstream" music. I'm pretty proud of this actually. I got out of the music scene for quite awhile (my ex sucked. We had nothing in common. How did I almost marry that tool?), but now with my current beau and the wonderfulness that is Sirius sattellite radio, I'm way ahead of the curve. Which is sweet. When DJ's actually have in their possession songs I want to hear, instead of "I kissed a girl" (which, by the by, makes me want to murder kittens more than Rihanna, and I didn't know that was even possible).

But at any rate, before heading to the bar and learning that my musical tastes are la fantastique, B (my bff, not my beau) went to the movies avec moi to see "I Love You, Man." Amazing movie. Hilarious. I probably thought it was funnier than it actually was...but Paul Rudd is dreamy and wonderful anyway. I love him.

And even prior to that incident, I made myself a nose hoop. After months of being unable to find a small enough one to look good, it finally dawned on me to make my own. I'm proud. My mom hates it, which only serves to make me enjoy it even more. Thus the picture at the beginning of the post.


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Princess Caitlin said...

Yes, Yay for me! I'm glad to have them finished.

And yay for you inventing a perfect nose ring!

And I was going to follow your blog, but you don't seem to have the little followy thing on it...