Summer Nights

As I'm sure most of you can commiserate, the summer time has a wonder way of creeping up on me and making me incredibly relaxed...and also incredibly LAZY! It doesn't help that I've been "in between" jobs for the last two months, or that it's finally actually felt like summer, with temperatures stuck in the high 80's-90's for most of this month. Thus, plenty of time for the pool. And barbeques. Awesome concerts. And birthday celebrations for all my friends with August birthdays (not to mention myself... though my birthday's not until the 30th, I'm drawing it out all month. Because I can.)

Somewhere around Wednesday (ok, yesterday), I realized I had no idea what day it was. Day of the week, day of the month, heck, even what TIME it was. All of those normal things I usually pay attention to so very well had just gone and slipped right away from me. And I didn't mind so very much at all.

In other news, I finally got my stuff set up at a local salon. That's right ya'll: my jewelry, my very own creations from my very own fingers can be purchased at an actual real life location!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!! Lemme tell ya, excitement just pretty much drooled out of all my pores when I saw the display. Really, there can't be a better feeling out there =)


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