25 Things

Awhile ago, I was tagged in one of those silly facebook note thingys. The one for 25 random facts about oneself, preferably secrets. I kind of liked it. So I felt the urge to post it here:

25 Things about me (Traci Lee)

1: I am scared to death of rodents. All of them. little guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, woodchucks....yeah all of those. Plus bunnies, kangaroos, opposums... you get the drift.

2: I love snakes and spiders. I've wanted a pet snake for like a gazillion years, but can't get one because... I'm afraid of it's food. hah.

3: The people I consider my closest friends are all guys. I probably couldn't have chosen a stranger set of besties. I don't know what I'd do without them...and they probably don't know how much they mean to me.

4: My sisters are amazing. If you hate them, chances are, I hate you.

5: I used to think that potatoes were my favorite food. Then my boyfriend pointed out that I eat mac & cheese pretty much every single day. Mac & cheese IS my all time fave. I can't believe I didn't figure it out on my own.

6: There are exactly four people I've never lied to in my life. None of them have a clue they're that important to me. (And by people, I mean people I've had friendships/relationships with. Not people in general. I don't generally lie to the public at large.)

7: I should have dated my cureent beau longer back in high school. I secretly think we're probably supposed to end up with each other. Like, always. Ish.

8: The only ring I ever wear lately is from my BFF. It does an effective job of confusing people about us. Much like our cuddling and inside jokes.

9: I hate living with other people. (But I hate being alone...)

10: I voted for McCain. But I'm glad Obama is our President.

11: I won't eat hamburgers. But I love meatloaf and sloppy joes.

12: I hate dark beers, but have recently discovered a deep rooted love of Guinness Extra Stout.

13: I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. (I wish I had some sort of direction...)

14: I make jewelry. It's pretty. I sell it too. ( http://lolitarose.etsy.com )

15: I can crochet. I've never finished anything I started though. (EXCEPT that I finally just finished two washcloths. Go me!)

16: Music is the most amazing gift on earth.

17: I love Britney Spears. While at the same time being an avid Atreyu fan. Yeah...

18: I have six tattoos. Yup. Six. I can't wait to get even more.

19: I kind of have a mohawk fetish. If you have a mohawk, I will attempt to rape you. True story. (I'm pretty hawt though, so you'll probably enjoy the rapeage.)

20: I miss the friends I had in high school. I'm not close enough to any of them anymore. It makes me sad.

21: I wish I had rebelled more in high school. Maybe my parents wouldn't be so disgusted with me now. (This is why I always feel as though I'm trapped at age sixteen...)

22: I'm writing a novel. (Right now, I have *maybe* a chapter finished. It's mostly consensual rape. Yep. I write erotica well.)

23: I love other people's little kids. I secretly want one. But not yet. (Or maybe not ever...now.)

24: I drink to forget. (always. there's never another reason for my drinking. ever.)

25: My family means more to me than I can describe. (I wish they knew this. But no one will listen to me long enough to let me tell them...)

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kim* said...

i still havent done that tagging on facebook. lol