Seacrets...no, not the bar.

"i still believe in mermaids.
and part of me stil believes that one day,
they'll save me from this place
and let me live with them forever."
(inspired by my many visits to PostSecret, and the photo is a stock photo from public-domain-photos.com, which I edited using Picnik)

I've always been drawn to the sea. The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite movies (both the disney version and other versions, more closely based on the fairy tale). It's no wonder that I've got tattoos of a koi fish, a mermaid, and a seahorse.

I've been a certified SCUBA diver for several years now... since I was fourteen I believe. I spent my fifteenth birthday on a dive trip with my family in Bonaire (a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela, but owned by the Netherlands), exploring gorgeous reef systems. Once you've actually been under water and seen these wonderous creatures in their natural environment, any trip to a zoo or aquarium will make you a bit sad. Because as lovely as these animals are in captivity, it's NOTHING close to how beautiful they are in nature.

As much as I love the ocean, and being underwater, I am also absolutely terrified of it. I can't even go in the deep end of a pool for fear of drowning. No one ever wants to dive with me because I'm always the first to run out of air (hooray for hyperventilation), just because I'm so scared.

But I still retain the fantasy of living under the sea.
Maybe that's my Heaven...


Jennifer said...

It sounds beautiful to scuba dive. I've never even been near the ocean. I admire that you get close to the water even though you fear the deep parts :)

kim* said...

speaking of the ocean...
i was just talking about it. it is a great place to be,.