An Epic Adventure.

In case you couldn't tell by now (and really, shame on you if you haven't picked up on it), I'm a big music fan. Obsessed, actually, with almost all genres and forms of it. My boyfriend is much the same way. So, imagine our suprise and delight when we discovered the Bamboozle music festival thingy. TONS of bands we love and listen to constantly, all together in one fantastical weekend musical orgy. Fall Out Boy, Metro Station, Asher Roth, Boys Like Girls.... OMG. And in case you weren't aware, I'm more than somewhat obsessed with Metro Station. Because ya know, Miley Cyrus's brother is the singer. And super hawt. Like, forreal.

The problem? We live in Western New York. Near Niagara Falls & Lake Erie. Bamboozle, the most wonderous musical event EVER is in Jersey. Hours and Hours away from us out here in no man's land.

The solution?
A road trip of epic excellence. That's right kidlets, an epic adventure. It'll probably take nine or so hours to get there. The show starts on Saturday, but we can't even leave on Friday afternoon because our epic friend who's accompanying us HAS to work that night (damn bartender), so we'll have to leave in the wee hours of dawn, probably right after the bar closes. And since I'm usually one of those patrons who doesn't leave til the bar's shut down, the both of us will probably be a crazy combination of drunk and sleepy. And after that, my boyfriend and our other friend will have to pick us up. Then proceed to drive us to Jersey. Where much merriment and musical enjoyment will commence.

Can we do it? I hope so. Where there's a will, there's a way, no?


Jennifer said...

Sounds like too much fun! I love, love, love Fall Out Boy...my son loves their songs too. Enjoy the trip :)

kim* said...

my boyfriends cousin is the 'pino drummer.