Best Weekend Ever

Or if not the best weekend ever, then it was pretty darn close to it. It all started Friday afternoon with a foray into Elmwood, which is basically the artsy kind of district of Buffalo. Well kind of. It's awesome, whatever you want to call it. My boyfriend and I decided to get more things pierced (our ears, fyi), so we went to this place that was supposed to be one of the best in Buffalo. (Which, it was. The guy was awesome. And the place was all nice and clean. Score.) So, getting things pierced was a definite plus in the "awesome night" category. But it didn't end there.

It started with the day being absolutely gorgeous, nearly 80 degrees. We had to park about a mile away from the piercing place, because on a gorgeous spring evening, there's NO parking whatsoever on Elmwood. Which turned out to be a good thing, because it forced us to walk and take things in. (And I saw someone wearing a shirt I also own. A shirt I purchased from Etsy. YAY! This almost never happens to me, unless the person wearing Etsy goods is somehow close to me, because I'm always spreading the Etsy is Awesome love. Wooot!) We even found a Greek restaurant we'd never been to and decided to eat dinner there. It was DELICIOUS, and not super expensive either.

Saturday was a lazy day, waking up late, going to lunch at this awesome new Mexican restaurant in town, watching Zack and Miri (awesome movie fyi), and then going up to a friend's cabin for a fire. (Which was fun, but would have been way better if the friend's girlfriend wasn't irritatingly drunk the whole time.)

Sunday, we went to the beach! Yes, the beach. Granted, it's not the ocean, but it's still sandy and lovely and fun anyway. (Did I mention how awesome it was to be able to go to the beach in April? Seriously, I woke up with snow on my lawn on Thursday, and went to the beach Sunday. Gotta love that WNY weather!)

Hmm. That was a bit of a rambly post. But it was such a great weekend, my mind stumbles over the telling of it.



Little Lovables said...

that does osund like a fun day! I love spotting Etsy purchases around too, it's like you share a little secret with someone!

flax and spindle said...

great blog...love the pics!

Jennifer said...

That does sound like agreata weekend. The drunk girlfirend was sort of funny, I can imagine that annoying interruption of otherwise perfection, LOL!

leeleeoh7 said...

little lovables - Isn't it the best? I always get really excited whenever that happens!

flax and spindle - Thanks!

Jennifer - Yeah, that girl is a trip. She's nice enough when sober, but she gets really annoying super fast when drinking. Not a fun time at all, lol.

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

You've officially sold me on Buffalo - I feel like I've yet to find the artsy district in Lexington!

leeleeoh7 said...

shrimp salad circus - Ya know, I really used to hate where I live. I actually live in a little tiny town half an hour away from downtown Buffalo, but I always kind of though of the city as a suck hole. Honestly though, where I live is amazing. Where else can you go skiing in winter and the beach in summer within a 45 minute drive?