Happy Friday =)

I didn't realize until recently that there actually ARE roads named Lover's Lane. I found this one whilst taking a different route home than I normally do. Of course, I had to take pictures. And I really HAD to play with it in Picnik...as always. Driving down the road though, I was mildly disappointed. There are wayyy too many houses for it to be a good "necking" spot. It still has a nifty name though.

In other news (lol!), I went crazy making bunches of new stuff, taking pictures, writing new listings. This week has gone by so fast, but it's been a great one. I'm still glad it's finally Friday. Two days to relax, spend time with the boyfriend, sing some Karaoke, and make even more new pretties.

Happy Friday

(oh, and clicking the post title will take you to a video of "corona and lime" by schwayze. it's been stuck in my head all morning.)

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kim* said...

i want to go there :)