And I'm here...

To remind you, of the mess you left when you went away.

(Yet another song I can't get out of my head. And of course, not the original Alanis Morrissette one either. I know I misspelled her name too. Oye vay.)

I can't seem to stop taking pictures of myself and other things lately. Which is a nice change from being pathetically camera shy for YEARS and years and years. But also makes me realize how often I wear certain articles of clothing. And considering the astonishing size of my wardrobe, you'd think I could find something else to wear. But favorites are favorites for a reason. They're comfy, and get compliments, or they're just fun.

Like my colourful zebra print hoodie. That I seriously wear every other day. I just love it. I'd probably not even bother with the every other day thing, and wear it every day, but friends have started worrying about the health of the poor hoodie. They just can't understand the love affair I have with this particular piece of nostalgic whimsy. (Why it's nostalgic is beyond me. Although I'm fairly certain I was wearing it the night I first hooked up with my boyfriend. Probably.)

Anywho, here's another fabtabulously edited photo of moi, helped by the magicality of Picnik (best site EVER, minus Etsy), and all pretty and suhweet looking.

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