I love Buffalo.

The city, not the animal. Although the animal is awesome as well. (By the way, the postcard pictured above is from 1910. I found it on an ancestry website).

See, Buffalo is the city I grew up in. And by grew up in, I mean now that I'm out living on my own and have a life, this is the city I go to to get into trouble. Trouble being: getting pierced and tattooed, going clubbing, and going to various shows. I was born in a tiny dinky town about thirty miles south of the city. I hate it there. Mainly because I still live there and have to drive SO far for everything. But when I go into the city, I feel so alive. (Really though, even the town I live in, and the other tiny town I work in aren't really that bad. Sure, there's not a great choice of restaurants or grocery stores, but when I go to the local store, the people know my name.)

Ahhh Buffalo. Where else in the world can you go skiing in the winter and to the beach in the summer, all within a 45 minute drive? And where else are you merely an hour or two away from one of the most breathtaking natural landmarks on Earth: Niagara Falls. Where else can you find the original Kazoo factory, or go to the Toy Town parade thrown by Fisher Price every year? Or visit the original home of the Buffalo Wing? (By the way, my great aunt worked at the Anchor Bar when they "invented" chicken wings [or got the idea to actually sell them and make money instead of wasting the meat], which is an awesome piece of history. I get to say that my aunt made Buffalo Wings famous. Wooo!)

Yes, Buffalo may be a town in serious need of a facelift, and a boost to the economy. But all in all, it's a great place to live.



wunderbug said...

huzzah buffalo!

it's also the first place i took a vacation outside of canada (ha!)

i'm from toronto and it's super close, and when i was a kid my mom and aunts used to take us there and rochester for shopping. :)

leeleeoh7 said...

I love Toronto as well!! Awesome place for shopping and eating, LOL!!