Waiting for the end of the workday to come is probably the most excruciating pain I'll ever know. Here I sit, staring sightlessly at my computer screen, watching numbers parade past my line of vision without really taking it in. Tick...tock... another second goes by.

Today was the rare occasion when I was actually excited to go to my day job. Which probably starts with the fact that I got this unbelievably awesome skirt in the mail yesterday from AstraeaApparel.etsy.com. It's a great shade of purple, with fancy little swirls on the bottom. I LOVE it so much. I tried it on as soon as I opened it, and of course had to wear it today. Paired with a black tshirt, leather sandals, a light tan cardigan, and a long necklace, I feel really bohemian today. I should take pictures.

But now, the end of the work day is near. And I have all of my tax return money ripe for the spendin', so I especially want to just leave, pick up my boyfriend, and go shopping.

Come on work day. End Now!!

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