Is apparently a specific type of sushi. Something to do with eels... and it's also my father's favorite kind of sushi. Which under normal circumstances would have no bearing on anything, except that tonight my wonderful beau is taking me (and a few friends) to one of those spiffy Japanese restaurants that make the food right in front of you. Apparently, they have sushi. And my dad insists that I'll love unagi if I try it. I'm skeptical. I'm not a fan of seafood at all, and basically, to me, sushi is just raw fish. If I don't like it cooked, why would I like it better raw? Oh well. I suppose I'll find out.

Either way, I'm excited to go someplace I've never been. It should be fun.

Hopefully I'll find something good to eat...


Princess Caitlin said...

did you try it? How'd you like it? I've had sushi a couple times, but it was regular old boring cheap-ish sushi, I think.

I'm sad I missed the giveaway...

leeleeoh7 said...

Nope, I didn't try it.
I couldn't bring myself to eat eel LOL. But we had an awesome Hibachi meal anyways. Delicious!

And I extended the giveaway by a week to give more people the opportunity to enter! YOu can still enter!