Musical Merriment and Scranton, PA.

Only hours remain until we can finally leave for our roadtrip to Jersey to see the Bamboozle music fest. And by hours, I mean about 48 of them.

We're still not packed for the trip (despite leaving directly after work TOMORROW!), my car still isn't cleaned out to make room for four people (as opposed to only me), and I have yet to cash my tax rebate check so I have money for the spending out there. What we did accomplish at least, was booking a hotel room and figuring out directions.

Travelling from our place of residence to New Jersey requires us to pass through Scranton, PA. You know, Scranton. The setting of the deliciously amazing television series "The Office". The show my boyfriend can quote every line of every season on. The show my boyfriend is so excited about, he now wants to dress as Dwight for the trip, just so we can stop at the "Welcome to Scranton" sign, and he can have a picture of himself dressed as Dwight. Gotta love 'em.

The hotel we booked apparently has really bad reviews on Hotels.com. Bad reviews as in, the cleaning staff has broken into rooms while people were IN there. The chains on the doors broken, stuff missing... all that good shizzzz. Great. I find this out after it's too late to cancel/change reservations. Hopefully, with four people sharing a room (with two big dudes and two girls), no one will bother us. It's sure to be an adventure, at least.


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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Have so much fun! I love that pic from The Office. I've never watched :(