An Homage to Allegro.

I found this picture from last summer, when I was the "beer girl" for a golf tournament. I hate golf, by the way. The only awesome thing was getting a TON of free booze. In this case, mini bottles of Rolling Rock. And stumbling across it, it reminded me of Allegro's wonderous blog full of Beer. I needed to put this one up in his honor.

Rolling Rock is probably one of my all time favorite beers. I know little to nothing about the different flavors and such that make up a good beer vs a bad beer, but in my opinion, Rolling Rock is a Good Beer.

Plus, the bottles are green, which is awesome. Green being a favorite color of mine and all that.

Plus plus, they come in MINI bottles too. And cans.

Now, if ya'll know what's good for you, you'll click on my post title to buy yerself something pretty from good ol' lego. Cuz he's da bomb. Or would have been back in 1998 when that phrase was still cool.


Allegro Arts said...

you're the best!

enjoy that beer :)

Jennifer said...

Fun! I think lego makes "da bomb" cool in 2009. He's just that awesome :)

kim* said...

beer, oh yes allegro talk about that alot