I'm so glad that I've managed to stay out of my creative rut. Even though I've been crazy busy this whole week, new ideas keep running through my head, and I keep finding different beads and components online that I simply must have. The necklace above has been a work in progress for months and months. It all started with the circle.

See, awhile ago I decided that I probably should never be trusted with a torch. I'm quite the klutz, and trusting me at all near an open flame is probably not a good idea. So, soldering is quite out of the question (not to mention, it was more costly than I had the money for at the time). But I still wanted to work with metal and make cool stuff, and I ended up making several of these nifty little circles. And then I had no idea what to do with any of them. There they sat, abandoned and alone for months on end, with me having no creative ideas whatsoever. But then I bought these Czech faceted glass beads, and the colors are so fabulous I needed something simple to offset them. Thus, "Cecilia" was born. And I love this piece so much, I'm definitely wanting to create this one in several different color patterns.



T.Allen-Mercado said...

It's very pretty. I too am ambivalent about the torch. The upside is you'll dig deeper for design where you're lacking in technique. I'm sure this'll be a hit!

Jennifer said...

This is gorgeous! Absolutely awesome. I mentioned you in my blog post (still working on it) because your baners inspired me to make a new one for my art shop :)

burrito said...

Love it!