Banners, and giveaways, and stormtroopers oh my!

Today, I got a bit carried away with myself. I'm one of those people who gets bored easily, and likes to change things up often, so I'm prone to changing my Etsy banner often. Not to mention my avatar... But about the banners. I have just discovered that using the magic of Picnik, I can make my own shop banners without even opening my annoying photo editing program on my computer (the one that slows everything down every time I try to use it...ugh!). Via the magic of the interet, I can create pretty banners with the pictures from my Flickr page (yay!) or any number of other social networking sites. Woooot! Well, I ended up making three new banners thus far. THREE. And now I can't choose which one I like the best. Phoooey. I'll probably just save them all into my rotation.

Of giveaways: I've posted a Giveaway a few blogs ago, giving everyone a chance to win some pretty things from my Etsy shop. But... I need more entries! So I'm extending the giveaway into next Monday. Check it out!!

Of Stormtroopers:
Pez is delicious. The most wonderous and awesome candy ever invented by modern or ancient mankind. The ONLY thing that can even improve upon its wonderousness... is eating it out of a Stormtrooper Pez dispenser. Oh yes. I'm THAT nerd.



Jennifer said...

Hey there! I'm so glad you've been stalking my shop...that made my day! I LOVE your half choice too, LOL! i haven't yet been able to only eat one reeses cup so I'd love to join your support group if you start one.

As for the banners, switch them out, they are so fab, rotating is the only just thing to do!

Stormtroopers are awseome! Dispensing pez....even better :)

SleightGirl said...

Great banners! I think I like the middle one the best!

Hyla said...

LOL, Stormtroopers are not rare in our home!

I love the first banner!


LoveCreations24 said...

pez is my fav. candy!! My mom got me a HUGE pez dispenser (think the kind that hold packs - not individual pez!) - of course I can never use it because they are gone in a milisecond!

kim* said...

these are so great, loving all the banners!